Adult Education Management System

The Benchmark Adult Education Management System was developed to provide greater accountability and improve performance in Adult Education systems at the state and local levels. Administrators  at every level have immediate, accurate access to program data and reports, allowing them to more effectively manage the programs under their jurisdiction. The system is designed to meet all requirements for the National Reporting System for Adult Education and P.L. 105-220, the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 and is consistent with the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Labor.  It quickly and accurately delivers all federal reports and can be customized to deliver those reports electronically and automatically.


  • Flexible, real-time reporting
  • Instant access to data and reporting mechanisms
  • Web-based
  • Administrative messaging
  • Tiered, multi-level permissions system, allowing administrative control over user access


  • Create and view on-the-fly reports by individual student, by class, by teacher, by administrator, by group and by state.  Receive instant, accurate feedback .
    • Real-time reporting capabilities provide teachers, local administrators and state administrators instant and accurate feedback on students, classes and groups of classes.
    • Reports can be generated at will and managed at every administrative level.
    • Archive reports to meet state and federal guidelines.
  • Easily manage students, classes, groups of classes and entire programs. 
  • Deliver administrative messages to all users or to select groups of users based on login.
  • Software upgrades and administrative changes are immediate for all users.
  • Administrators determine permissions levels for the teachers, administrators and staff.

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