Expanding community outreach plays a significant role in increasing revenue and keeping current and potential students actively engaged. ContinuED from Benchmark ITS provides a powerful tool for promoting, managing, and monitoring classes, meetings and seminars outside the traditional academic offerings.

Publish and promote classes, give potential students the ability to search for classes and sessions that meet their needs within a geographic radius and register and pay for classes online.

A robust reporting suite provides feedback on efficiency and financial viability as well as the ability to analyze trends and make cost‐effective decisions.

ContinuED is offered as a standalone system or it can be seamlessly integrated with ADVANSYS.

For Students:

  • Promote classes in online portal
  • Establish class rates and fees
  • View potential students and create waitlists
  • Manage invoices, payments, and refunds
  • Analyze cost versus return for classes
  • Manage seminars and special events
  • Import/export data from virtually any data management system

For Programs:

  • Search for classes online by geographic area and interest
  • Search for classes online by geographic area and interest
  • Register and pay for classes online
  • View and self-serve class schedules, invoices, academic progress and transcripts