Connecting Students And Employment

CareerStart from Benchmark ITS provides colleges and other educational institutions a method to assist students in creating effective, comprehensive and attractive employment packages.

CareerStart extends the service by allowing institution-approved employers to directly and indirectly search for potential employees. CareerStart helps qualified students find meaningful employment by boosting the possibilities for institution-based career planning, training and assistance services. 

CareerStart is completely customizable and can seamlessly integrate with your institution’s current online offerings.


  • Allow students to create comprehensive employment packages
  • Manage the distribution student portfolio documents such as letters, transcripts, certifications and diplomas internally
  • Distribute documents to single students, groups of students or the entire spectrum
  • Manage and monitor local business access
  • Provide local businesses with the ability to post jobs and search for qualified candidates


  • Gives students a one-stop repository for career-related documents
  • Helps encourage local businesses to seek qualified students to fill open positions
  • Facilitates greater cooperation between education and industry
  • Provides a clear pathway for students seeking employment